DIY Diva — Upcycled blouse

A few weeks ago, I noticed a big tear at the back of one of my favourite blouses. I didn’t want to throw it away immediately, so I put it in the back of my closet. A few days ago when I was cleaning, I picked up the blouse again and while I was staring at it, I was thinking about what I should do with it. At first, I wanted to take off the buttons and keep them so I could use them later. But suddenly, I knew: I was going to make a skirt out of it!

So now I’m going to show you how I did it!
It was a slightly long blouse, with an elastic band at waist height.

1. I cut the blouse in half, about 2 cm above the elastic band.
In the first picture, you can see the tear (I already cut the blouse at that time)

2. Pin the fabric over the elastic band on the wrong side of the fabric.
3. Sew the 2 pieces of fabric together. (I hand stitched because I don’t have a sewing machine in Salamanca)

(I stitched exactly on the seam of the elastic band, so you can’t see my seam)

And here you can see the result!


P.s.: I’m sorry for the bad quality of my pictures. I am preparing a wall in my room here in Salamanca to take my pictures. I promise better pictures in the future!

– V

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Twenty-something Public Relations student from Belgium. Currently on Erasmus in Salamanca, Spain. Photography - Art - Books - Travelling - Graphic Design - Advertising - Fashion & Beauty - Cooking - Craft. Coffee addict for life.
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